Frugality vs. Waste

I’ve been reading a lot of article lately about frugality which is very dear to my heart.  However, I have a dilemma.  A lot the tips involve replacing certain items in order to save electricity and that seems to be prudent.  That is not only frugal but environmentally sound.

However, for example, one of the tips involve replacing all normal bulbs with CFL bulbs since it saves electricity and is more durable.  This is a sound suggestion.  Unless I take into the consideration if the normal bulbs were just replaced recently or recently bought or even not recently bought but was stored in the garage to be replaced.   Now, if I were to go out and buy the CFL bulbs to replace all the bulbs in my home, this would entail spending money. Ok, but the rebuttal is that I’ll no doubt save more money in electricity in the long run.  However, I have to throw away perfectly good bulbs (albeit non-CFL bulbs) that may have been used only a little bit or even not at all.  I feel that that is a waste of the money spent.

Now the dilemma is:  Do I use the bulbs I have in the garage or may have just installed until they burn out and then when they do burn out, replace them with CFL bulbs knowing that I will potentially pay more in electricity but not wasting any of my previously spent money?  Or do I throw away all the regular light bulbs and go out and buy CFL bulbs  therefore making my home environmentally attractive as well as saving money on my electricity but throwing away perfectly good bulbs and the money spent on them down the drain?

Of course, if your bulbs are already flickering and are on their last breath, I highly recommend switching to CFL light bulbs.   They get 2 thumbs up!

I think the main point I have here is:  Frugality is all and good but sometimes there are hidden costs that need more consideration.   


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