Deliberations on Moving Frugally

I’m moving out of my apartment right now and it’s slow going but things will pick up later on today when my family gets here with the UHAUL that I rented.

A UHAUL, you say!  How expensive!  How unfrugal you are!

Not necessarily.

Of course, just looking at the situation right now, it may seem like I’m just wasting money left and right.  I’m renting a UHAUL that I’m driving about 130 miles round trip along with my family that’s driving another car up for about 130 miles round trip plus my giant old gas-guzzling van which I’m driving down the last 65 miles.  Plus all the heavy furniture (and tons of books) weighing all the cars and the UHAUL truck down will suck more gas.  So, here is everything that will cost us:

-UHAUL truck rental base price + a certain number of cents per mile driven

-gas for the van, the UHAUL truck, the family sedan + a little extra gas guzzled from the weight

Seems like a waste right?  Why couldn’t we just use the van and the family sedan and not the UHAUL truck at all?  or just the UHAUL and not the family sedan?

Here are the factors that influenced me:

Peace of mind for my family which number 4 people besides me which will be thoroughly uncomfortable squished in the tiny cab of the UHAUL truck.  Which is why we need the family sedan.

Saving gas.  If we didn’t have the UHAUL truck to carry all my big old heavy wooden furniture, we’d have to make multiple trips in the gas-guzzling van using more gas in the end.  Besides, it’s definitely more dangerous to have a big wooden futon sticking out the end of the van on the freeway than safely tucked inside a UHAUL truck.
Easier for me.  I need my family to come help me move since I don’t have the strength or energy to do it myself and would probably exhaust myself or pull some muscle trying to move all the heavy items.  It would be very dangerous to drive after becoming so exhausted and/or injured.   Also, it’s a LOT faster to move with multiple people than one lone person scurrying up and down stairs.  This is why the family sedan is needed also.

So in the end, even though it doesn’t seem like a very frugal decision I made, there are other factors that influence me more.


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