A Parent’s Love: An Invaluable Gift of Confidence

My parents really do love me and they support me 100%.  I think that through the years they have tried to increase my admittedly measly self-confidence.  When I once bemoaned how I wanted to step into the financial world but was too afraid to and had absolutely no funds in order to begin, they immediately saw their opportunity to boost up my confidence a little.

They offered me a small no-interest loan as my graduation present.  The funds, they told me, were to be earmarked specifically for investing and that when I doubled the money, I would repay them back the original funds and I could use the earning however I wished.  I looked at them horrified, questions spilling out of my mouth: What if I lose all the money?  What if I fail?  What if I can never double the money?

They just looked at me and smiled.  They told me that they didn’t care about the money really.  They just wanted me to have the confidence to go forward with my dreams without hiding behind any stupid excuses.

I admit, it was a very small loan, but the confidence that it left was immense.  I knew then that I had spent my life afraid of failing or disappointing others so instead, I would play it safe and do nothing.  If I did nothing, I would never fail right?  My whole life has been mediocre in the extreme.  Now, stripped of my excuses, I finally felt free enough to plunge ahead.

So, now the loan of money is sitting in my brokerage account waiting to be invested.  I really want to do well so it motivates me to study all the little nuances and terminology of the stock market  and with each little thing learned, my confidence gains a little.

One small gift, with interest compounded daily.  What a blessing to have such parents.


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