Having Patience in Investments

I keep telling myself I’m a buy-and-hold kinda gal.  I try to buy stocks when I feel they are pretty low and I tell myself that I’m only selling when they’re decently high.  Or at least that’s the theory.

However, it’s nerve-wracking when a particular day was particularly bad for the market and all my stocks are down and it can get even worse when all my other stocks do well and just one of them is abysmal.  Then, I keep thinking to myself, should I sell it now and cut my losses when it could get any worse?

Or when a particular day comes when one of the companies are doing particularly well, jumping up beyond my expectations.  Then, I frantically ask myself whether I should sell it or will it keep going up?

I try to be emotionless about my investments but that’s the thing about personal finance: they’re deeply personal to me.  I feel like an anxious mother, exulting at the highs and worrying at the lows.  But, I keep telling myself to be patient and to be cool about it.  I keep telling myself to buy at the price I determine and the to sell at the price I also previously determined.

Though, I may wince a little when I sell a stock and it keeps going drastically higher or buy a stock whose price then drops like a rock, I keep trying to be patient.  In the end, I figure, I’m pretty bullish and the market will be fine in the end.


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