The Frustrations of Different Terminology

I’ve been trying to use Excel spreadsheets to calculate various formulas for me with the financial information I pull off Google Finance because I’m trying to determine what are solid companies for me to invest in.  However, I needed certain numbers that Google Finance was not able to give me right off the bat and I didn’t want to flip back and forth between multiple tabs on Firefox just to get a few numbers.

Time to pull out my dusty old accounting book (I took one basic accounting class in college).  Turns out, I had to calculate some of the numbers myself.  Even more frustrating is that the accounting book uses different terms that Google Finance uses so I had to carefully read everything to make sure they were really the exact same thing.

Now, because I’m so frustrated, I’m determined to learn all the different terminology and the different terms for them just so it doesn’t take 15 minutes to do one simple calculation on Excel.  I suppose some good came out of that.  I figure it’s also time to brush up on accounting.

Once I figure everything out, I’m going to make up a reference sheet for myself that I can constantly refer to.


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