Not being Dependent anymore

It was such a great day graduating from college until I was hit by reality.  Now, I don’t count as a dependent so not only do my parents not get to have me as a tax deduction, I myself am not exempt from tax withholding anymore.  I have to purchase health insurance, auto insurance, and AAA membership since I’m not covered under my parents anymore. I have to save up for graduate school since I promised my parents I’d pay for that myself.
In a few years, I’ll be looking to buy a car and then take on a mortgage, cable costs, estate taxes, and the cost of maintaining my own home.  I’ll get married so I’ll have to juggle wedding costs, joint accounts and the taxes that come with that.  I’ll have kids which will entail life insurance, 529 college savings plans, family vacations, and the various costs that come with child-rearing.  I want pets so pet food, veterinarian visits, and flea collars.

On top of this, I have to save for retirement and possibly have to care for my parents as they get older.

It’s definitely not like what I imagined when I was little dreaming about a successful career with a lot of money.  Sure I’ll finally be earning a decent salary once I find a great job, but it’ll be eaten away just as quickly.  I finally understand why sometimes it’s just hard to get on top of the finances but I figure if I instill good habits with myself now, it’ll be much easier down the line.


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