Stock Regrets

I’ve made some good decisions on stock investing.  CEO is up more than 30% from when I bought it.  DELL is doing surprisingly well.

However, as I’m researching, I find that I missed on some good deals.  I should’ve bought Nintendo when I first started putting in money because the Wii sales actually is lasting a lot longer than I thought.  Instead of investing in a general international index ETF, I should have poured my money in a China ETF or an emerging markets ETF which are doing ridiculously well to the point that I can’t really afford it on my limited funds anymore. I really regret it but really, there’s no point in dwelling on regrets.

Mostly, I find that I shied away from amazing opportunities because I was afraid of the risk, afraid of making a wrong decision, afraid that at any second (as soon as I pour my money in) that the stocks will drop like a rock.   I must learn to trust my instincts more and give my intelligence more credit.


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  1. January said

    Hello, When I began to invest immediately I got my first job, I made some good investment decisions. However, atimes I wonder if I should have gone with my instincts when making a decision on the stocks to purchase. It would have helped if I had more information at my disposal which I did not. So, sometimes you have to move on.

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