Pennies and Nickles and Dimes…Oh My!

Forgive the Wizard of Oz title.  I just saw the musical “Wicked” last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have this piggy bank which actually looks like a pig.  Every so often, my wallet gets so heavy with coins that I have to dump all the coins into the piggy bank.  Recently, my piggy bank became so full that I couldn’t stuff any more coins in.  So, while I was at Office Depot, I saw a bag of coin wrappers so I added that to my cart.

I spent a few hours today wrapping coins and when I was finished, I sat back in amazement.  The coins lay in a pile and as I added them in my mind, the amount was staggering considering they were just masses of coins.

Tomorrow I’m going to take it to the bank and deposit it in my account.   This however, has opened my eyes to the benefits of getting a habit of saving.  It’s really not that hard.  All you have to do is to dump your change at the end of the day into a piggy bank, roll it up, and deposit in a bank every so often.  Sure, of course it saves time to dump it into Coinstar or something simple but then you’d have to pay fees for that and my frugal heart complains every time I think of unnecessary fees.

Bank of America has a Save the Change option for their checking account which automatically rounds up your transactions of the day to the nearest dollar and deposits the difference automatically into a savings account.  However, sometimes it’s inconvenient especially if you’re regularly low on funds because it’s really easy to overdraft with that option.  Besides, it’s really satisfying to see the coins pile up.


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