The Benefits of Recording MPG

Whenever I go fill up the tank of my car, I like to use my credit card to pay for the gas.  I do this for two main reasons: cashback bonus for gas and I get a fancy receipt.

I like the receipt because it tells me the gallons filled, the unit price, and the total price paid for the fill-up.  After the fill-up and before I drive away from the gas station, I take a few seconds to jot down my mileage from my odometer onto the receipt and I paperclip the receipt with other gas receipts in my purse.  Whenever I find the time, I take out the stash of those receipts and record them into a small notebook.

However, lately, I’ve been wanting to know exactly how much MPG I was getting.  This knowledge is really useful in many ways.

Makes you more aware of your driving habits – driving habits can really influence the MPG.  Better driving habits lead to less fill-ups and less accidents.

Notifies you when the car needs to be tuned up – sometimes the car gets old and inefficient which can be seen in a drop in MPG.  If you’re not too knowledgeable about cars, like me, this at least gives you a handy dandy way of listening to your car without taking stuff apart.

Saves money – simple: higher MPG=less fill-ups, less fill-ups = less money paid for gas.

But how do I calculate that in the first place?  I’ve recently stumbled upon a really great online tool to help calculate and keep track of mileage.  It’s called My Mile Marker.  It’s really easy to sign up and use.  You can track multiple cars with the same account and it also uses the information I was jotting down anyways.   It projects the cost and mileage for a year as well as calculates average MPG.  My favorite thing about it is its reports.  It has two reports: MPG and mileage, both of which are easy to read and if you mouse over the data points, it tells you the exact number of that point and the date you are looking at.

Most importantly, as I seem to keep stressing, is to just get into the routine of keeping receipts and jotting down mileage.  Once it’s a habit, everything is easy and doesn’t really take a second thought.


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  1. Dandy said

    Keep an eye on it!

    GasDandy is an easy-to-use tool that tracks a vehicle’s mileage and maintenance information, providing data that can be used for both business and personal purposes. By making these figures readily available, the program also gives the consumer the opportunity to save money and to proactively identify problems that can shorten the life of their vehicle(s). Download a free trial version of GasDandy today at

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