5 Frugal Lessons I Learned on Vacation

Vacations really are only limited by your funds.  Here are lessons on frugality that I learned while on vacation:

Have Cash with you

There were a lot of small shops and stalls that had the same products as some bigger stores but at a much lower cost. Sometimes, they even have really fun souvenirs or unique gifts. Most small shops, though don’t accept credit cards and even if they do, I always feel bad because they have to pay so much credit card fees. Also, a lot of small restaurants only accept cash also. So, it makes it a lot easier to buy what you need when you need it.

But not too much cash!

However, having too much cash makes me really nervous especially when I was riding on the subway during rush hour. It’s actually quite stressful and makes a vacation no fun if you’re constantly thinking and worrying about pickpockets and thieves and other such things.

Have strong stomachs

Some of the best tasting and least expensive food I’ve eaten have been at roadside stalls and tiny restaurants squished between bigger buildings. They usually have the most authentic food also. The only problem is that without a strong stomach, you’d probably end up with indigestion at best or food poisoning at worst.

Or strong shoulders

If you don’t have a strong stomach or you just want to be on the safe side, it’s a great idea to bring food for yourself. Go to a local supermarket and get some fresh fruits and veggies for snacks or some bread and ham for a quick, easy, inexpensive lunch. I still suggest eating some local food for dinner at the least but to save your stomach, maybe eat half of the meal and save the rest for later. Also, it’s best to bring along water. This is because you don’t want to end up buying really expensive water at tourist traps and it save you from drinking possibly tainted water if you’re going to be trekking around in less that sanitary places. What this means, though, is that if you’re walking around, you’re going to be lugging all this food (and water which is ridiculously heavy) in a backpack. Good news is you’ve saved a lot of money and you’re going to be really in shape by the end of your vacation.

Research, research, research

The best thing to do is really to research the place you’re going as much as you can. There are always plenty of museums or fun places to go with free admission. Some museums are only free on certain days. Even better are festivals, parades, or fun events (ie. movies, ballet, stage performances, music) that are free or inexpensive. These are really fun and don’t cost much. However, the only way you’ll know about them is if you research it!



  1. Kps said

    Thanks for sharing, I also feel really bad about using my credit card unless I have to at small businesses because of the fees they throw on their. I heard the credit card companies now make more money of off those fees than they do from interest now these days. And whats worse is those small business really lose a lot of profits because of them – I do some work with the MPC and they sometimes have to raise prices because of those interchange fees too which hurts us. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. cjtang said

    You’re very welcome. Thank you for your insight.

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