“Rich Girl, Poor Girl” from Cosmogirl May 2003

I was doing some cleaning since I’m redecorating my bedroom when I came across a truly humongous stack of old teeny-bopper magazines dating back to 1999.  I decided to recycle them all since I wasn’t ever going to read them anymore and they were just taking up space.  But, being the packrat I am, I just couldn’t recycle them all until I had flipped through all of them and rip out the articles I liked just in case I wanted to read the individual articles again.

Going through my Cosmogirl magazines, I stumbled upon this article.  Here are 5 tips that Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, gives to teenage girls “to go from normal to super-wealthy” (I’m just writing the tip, not the description.  I add a basic summary in parentheses afterwards):

1. Spend Later – Wealth is about how much you keep, not how much your earn (save more than you spend)

2. Be Desperate – A paycheck is not enough if you want to live the good life (find alternate sources of income)

3. Buy Assets – Money isn’t just for spending, it’s for making more money (invest money in things that will go up in value later)

4. See Green – Opportunities to get rich are all around you (lots of ideas to make extra bucks are all around you, you just need open your eyes)

5. Learn How – If you know how money works, it can work for you (learn from lots of different sources on how to manage and invest money)

What do you think?


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