10 things I’ve learned in the first month of working full-time

Now that I’m working at my new job and finally earning some money, I’ve realized a few things:

1. Working 8 hours day really means being out of the house 11 hours a day.

2. My already pathetically miniscule social life has dwindled to non-existence.

3. I’m definitely getting chubbier since I’m snacking constantly at work and I don’t have time to exercise anymore

4. No matter how old someone can get, they’ll always be immature.

5. I can’t stand not having anything to do. I must be productive!!

6. It’s finally sunk in that I will never have school vacations again. And I won’t get another vacation day that’s not a holiday until after 6 months from now. (Thank goodness for Thanksgiving and Christmas!)

7. LA traffic has a mind and personality of its own.

8. Paperclips make the world go round!

9. Construction from above is 100 times louder than construction from next door.

10. Your parking space is a reflection of your eliteness in the company.

Any other revelations?


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