I admit it: I love to do my taxes

From my last post, you could probably tell that I like to research taxes and you were probably thinking to yourself “What a freak? She does this on her own free time?”

It’s true. I love to do my taxes. Now, granted they haven’t gotten too complicated yet and I do it on TurboTax but there’s just something so satisfying about putting in the right numbers and searching for deductions. There’s just something so fulfilling about taking out a file folder full of meticulously ordered tax documents and fitting them like pieces in a puzzle to the right places on the tax return. I even offered to do my sister’s taxes for her pro bono (mostly because if I charged my own sister, my parents wouldn’t be too happy about that).

It’s why I’ve decided that I must take a tax course sometime soon. Who’s with me?! *crickets chirp in the background*

It’s ok. I’ve accepted that I’m a freak of nature and revel in it.


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