Everytime I receive my paycheck, the first thing that comes out of it is 10% for tithe. Then the rest is meant for various accounts and purchases.

Why do I do this?

Because it enables me to keep perspective on my money. Each time I write a check out for tithe, I realize yet again that my money isn’t in my own hands. Yes, I worked hard for it but it’s not just about me. God gave me this money too. My job pays me to do what I like to. I am in good health so that I can do my job. My family supports me in my sometimes crazy schedule. I have to be thankful.

So, in order to show my thanks, I give my money away. This way, my money can go toward helping others (oh, and a nice tax deduction of course but that’s not the main reason). It makes me feel good that my work can go toward others in more need than me.

So, I think tithe is a good thing. You don’t have to give it to a church. Give it to a charity, a foundation, or even just another person down on their luck. I believe that helping others will bless us a hundredfold in the long run.


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