Getting suckered (or was I?)

I was window shopping this last weekend with my boyfriend. It was really just to spend some time with my boyfriend and not really about buying anything. I was just satisfying myself with some fashionable eye candy to mull over later in my mind.

Then, these two young women come up to us, arms clutching a load of small stuffed animals. They told me they were selling stuffed animals and/or accepting donations because they were raising money for some children’s halloween party. Usually, I’m pretty good about looking through these people asking for donations and turning them down. However, I just couldn’t help but donate some money to them. I was probably suckered in by their sad tale but really, I don’t feel too bad about it considering a few things:

-They were well-dressed and well-spoken. Since I could only judge them on my first impression on them, they seemed respectable.

-Their story seemed true just from their physical and verbal cues. I’m not an expert in these things but they really didn’t seem shifty at all.

-They had all those stuffed animals in their arms which is quite different from the whole selling newspapers/magazines/candy bars spiel that I’ve grown immensely tired of. And really, those stuffed animals were quite cute. The only reason I didn’t get one is that I really have no need of a halloween stuffed animal and they were probably a little more costly than I was willing to donate.

So maybe I was suckered into donating but maybe I wasn’t, and that possibility makes me feel good.


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