Sales Techniques from a Mall-Cart Shopgirl

You know those carts in the mall selling everything from mini plants to beauty products to children’s toys and outfits?

This last weekend marks the first time I’ve actually bought from one.

What happened? Well, I have to say, amazing sales technique. Follow:

1) Getting me to stop. A sweet girl with a slight accent stopped me with lotion in her hand. It was a dry night and the lotion did smell yummy so I stopped to try some.

2)Getting me to listen. Then she said, “Can I ask you a question?” Since I was standing there, I couldn’t think of any reason why she couldn’t. I didn’t have to answer but she could ask any question she wanted.

3)Getting me to try the main product she was trying to sell. She asked me “Do you take care of your nails?” I didn’t see any harm in the question though I knew she going to sell me something. So I said “No” signaling that I didn’t care for any product she was selling.

4) Getting me to reluctantly listen even after indicating my disinterest. Before I could walk away, she put out a hand and said “Show me” So, I showed her. My nails were kind of gross that night. She showed me her product, a 3-step buffing block, and proceeded to demonstrate on just one of my nails so I wouldn’t freak out.

5)Getting me to love the product. The buffing block was amazing. I had never seen my nails look so pretty with so little effort. What got me to actually pay attention now was that she wasn’t lying, the product did what it was supposed to, and it made me feel good about myself.

6)Getting me to think about buying the product. She let me try for myself meaning that I could actually imagine myself using the product. Then she showed me the product, beautifully packaged. Then she told me all the nice things that came with the product. And finally, she told me the price.

7)Getting me not to run away after hearing the out-of-my-range price. She told me to think of all the people I could give that gift to. Then, she threw in the deal: two boxes for the price of one. I don’t know if that was already the deal but the fact that she threw that in after telling me the before price of one box made me consider her offer a bit longer.

8 ) Getting my boyfriend not to interfere. She looked into my eyes and talked directly to me and when my boyfriend made objections, telling me to think about it, she ignored him completely and kept talking directly to me saying I had to make the decision myself.

9) Getting me to consider buying it right then and there. She told me that she was only offering this to me, right then because the cart was going to close in an hour and they were trying to finish up the day well. She told me they might not be offering it later on at that price. And she told me that we couldn’t buy the package anywhere else for that price. She reminded me that by the time I really wanted to buy it, the price would probably be raised for the holiday season.

10)Getting me to actually buy it. Then she dropped her last offer on me. One box for half price so I wouldn’t have to buy both boxes. By then, we had invested so much time listening to her talk and she had invested to much energy into selling this to us and the price was half that from before and we were feeling a bit guilty and rushed and she was so nice about it, that I just gave in and bought a box.

After going home, I researched it online to see if I had just been cheated. Yes and no. From the main website (I was relieved it was a legit store), the product was more expensive than the original out-of-my-range price. However, on amazon and ebay, I could buy it for cheaper than the price I bought it for.

So, next time you’re selling something whether it is your product, services, or ideas: think about these techniques. It really works.


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