Marine Recruitment

On college campuses, military people often set up booths to recruit the students into their programs. My boyfriends was stopped once by a Navy officer who proceeded to give him a long spiel about the benefits of joining the Navy ROTC program which lasted quite a bit of time. My boyfriend being utterly bored but polite, listened to the whole spiel and remembered none of it later. After the Navy officer finally finished, my boyfriend smiled at him and walked away utterly unconvinced. Then a Marine walked over to him and said one sentence, “Now that you’re done with them (indicating the Navy officer), what do you think about joining varsity?” My boyfriend laughed and later related this tale to me.

Why is this relevant?

When you’re relating a message that you want to stick in another person’s mind there are 3 main points:

1. KISS: Keep it Simple Stupid. If it’s simple, people will actually listen and remember what you said.

2. Make it humorous. This again has the tendency to stick in someone’s mind. Even better, it might be so funny that they will tell other people about it potentially widening your audience without any extra effort.

3. Pick up body cues. The Naval officer should have realized he was boring people to death and cut his message short rather than leave a bad impression on his listeners. The Marine recognized the body cues instead and knew which people to target with his spiel.

So keep these points in mind next time you need to convince someone of something no matter how important or banal it is. It just may work in your favor.

What does this have to do with finance? Whether it’s pitching an idea for a new business, helping a friend understand the benefits of living frugally, or even just trying to teach your child what their allowance is for, convincing people is an essential part of life.


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