I love being an alumni

As soon as I graduated from college, I splurged on a lifetime membership to my college’s alumni association.  It was quite a chunk of change, about $500 of money I didn’t really have, and I remember getting the letter in the mail welcoming to the association and sitting there think, “why the heck did I spend the money on this when I have so much other stuff I’d rather buy?!”

But, now, I’m actually quite happy I spent the money that I did.  The main reason?  I’m saving so much money because of it!

I haven’t had a chance to use most of the discounts, or gone to any alumni events, or any college sports games but the one thing I have used my membership for is 10% off continuing education classes.  I’m currently enrolled in a continuing education certificate program through the college and if I complete the program with the bare minimum requirements, I will have saved a total of $550 which is more than I actually paid for the memberships.

Not to mention that after completing the program, I will have the chance to embark on a career that I love and will get paid to do it!

Maybe I’ll go to a sports game sometimes.  Can’t beat free entertainment.

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